Graphics Engineer, Mobile

Paris, Île-de-France, France


You’re an Engineer who feels at home talking to a graphical pipeline. You’re familiar with compositing mode, blend layers programmatically, and know the various ways of math rounding so that misaligned pixels are properly fixed, regardless of what resolution a display may have. A map represents to you the holy grail of what can be a achieved with drawing technology, mixing 2D, 3D, bitmap and vectorial, while being fed live with various data sources. You feel right at home in fast paced environments where you'll be constantly outside your comfort zone.

Above all, you want to be proud to be part of a team whose passion, independence and curiosity are the main drivers. You want to learn and become the best in your field.

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You have a few years of experience in graphical engineering, having worked in companies doing gaming, CAD software or graphical components. Your mind can switch instantaneously to the proper mode of thinking when hearing words like OpenGL, WebGL , Direct3D, CoreAnimation, Android Canvas, Picasso , Glide or CoreImage. They all make sense to you and have a specific usage. Your favorite open source projects are OpenStreetMap and Mapbox and you may have already contributed to one of them.

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